Know your property is protected with our guarantees

Rent Guarantee

At StarPointe Realty Management rents are due on the 1st of every month and are considered late on the 4th of the month under normal circumstances. StarPointe Realty Management releases Landlord/Owner payouts of rent by the 10th of every month. In the event StarPointe Realty Management is unable to meet this date due to tenant payment delay, StarPointe will waive its property management fee for that rent payment upon collection of rent from the tenant. StarPointe Realty Management will retain all late fees collected from tenants.

Eviction Guarantee

StarPointe Realty Management as per its management agreement with the Landlord/Owner will file all necessary documents with the appropriate Justice of the Peace Courts and represent the Landlord in all court proceedings related to evictions. If a tenant is approved and placed in a property by StarPointe Realty Management and that tenant requires eviction, StarPointe will cover all legal and court expenses on behalf of the Landlord up to $2,000.00.

Pet Damage Guarantee

In the event a Tenant pet that is fully screened by StarPointe Realty Management causes damage to the Landlord/Owner’s property that exceeds the tenant deposit amount, StarPointe Realty Management will cover the additional costs of pet damage up to $2,000.00. StarPointe Realty Management will charge tenant a non-refundable pet fee upon lease execution and will retain that fee upon lease termination. Any pet rent collected from Tenant will be paid monthly to Landlord.