Residents Benefits Package

  1. Filter Delivery Service – Changing filters is as easy as opening the front door. This service helps you save up to $250/year and reduces the hassles of repairs.
  2. Credit building – We report every rent payment, so you build credit. Average increases of 23 to 42 points in resident scores, so you can qualify for more and save hundreds. We can report up to the past 24 months for an immediate boost.
  3. Resident Rewards Program – Rent day is now rewards day. You’ll get cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts you can use to save up to $4500/year on everyday expenses.
  4. $1M Identity Protection – 1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. All adult leaseholders get $1M coverage backed by AIG, monitoring through IBM’s Watson, and a dedicated, US-based identity restoration specialist.
  5. Limited Pest Control Services - This will include four (4) visits for limited pest issues. 
  6. Utility Connection Concierge – One call sets up utility, cable, and internet services – and helps you get the best promos and discount codes available.
  7. Home Buying Assistance – For those who want to move onto homeownership, we’ll help you get there.
  8. 24-Hour Maintenance Coordination Service: Landlord shall allow access to Tenant to report maintenance concerns outside of normal business hours via the online maintenance portal or by calling the office.
  9. Online Portal Access: Landlord agrees to provide Tenant online portal access for the purposes of reviewing pertinent documents, payment of Rent and other fee(s), and reporting maintenance concerns.
  10. Multiple Payment Methods: All rental payments can be paid in a variety of ways.
  11. Vetted Vendors: Landlord will ensure all third-party vendors are appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured. 
  12. Periodic Preventative Maintenance: Landlord and/or approved third-party vendor(s) will perform preventative maintenance visits. 
  13. Premium ADD ON: Asset Protect - For an additional $15/month you can add insurance coverage to meet the $100,000 liability requirement for the lease and includes $10,000 of personal contents coverage. Note: Terms, conditions and deductibles may apply. Read insurance documentation thoroughly. 

Plan Price: $40/month (Mandatory)

Disclaimer: Resident Benefits package is REQUIRED with ALL StarPointe Realty Management lease agreements. Resident Benefits Package will be billed on the 1st of each month. The total monthly cost of the Resident Benefits Package is all-inclusive, and no discounts will be given if any element of the package is unavailable due to a lack of HVAC or another limitation at a specific property.

Resident Benefits Package Flyer